Specializing in replacement wood parts for New and Classic Analogue Synthesizers


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  • Custom design for modular synth cabinets, cases, side or end bells and conversions and modifications
  • Beautiful and exotic woods: Koa, Mahogany, Black Walnut, Cherry, Cascara, Maple, Lignum Vitae and more
  • New stainless steel finishing screws included with most orders

    Current Products - New Wood Sides and Cases

  • Custom Sequential Circuits Pro One Conversion Kit
  • Backlit Pitch/Mod wheels for the Pro-One conversion
  • Backlit Pitch/Mod wheels for the Korg Polysix and MonoPoly
  • Backlit Pitch/Mod wheels for the DSI Prophet '08, Mono Evolver and Moog Voyager
  • New Backlit Pitch/Mod wheels for Moog Rogue, Prodigy, Opus-3, Source, Micro Moog, Memory Moog and Mini Moog
  • NEW ARP MK III Odyssey and Axxe wood cases
  • NEW Moog Prodigy cases (see 'Customer Gallery')
  • Roland Jupiter 6 and 8 wood sides
  • Replacement Sequential Circuits, Prophet-5 and Pro-One Nameplates
  • Mini Moog wood cases
  • Korg Polysix and Korg MonoPoly cases
  • wall mountable cable holder
  • We also produce sides for the Roland Juno 106, HS-60, Yamaha CS-5, CS-10, CS-15 and CS-20

    Servicing and Repair Work for Analogue Synthesizers

    We offer affordable electronics service and repair of most analogue synthesizers for our wood customers.

    This includes:

  • Power supply refurbishing
  • Oscillator/Filter scaling
  • Keyboard rebushing, J-Wire and Membrane contact repair
  • MIDI installation (including the SynHouse MIDI Jack)
  • IEC '3 Prong D-style' Power Coupler installation
  • Synthcom's Roland Jupiter-6 Europa Upgrade
  • General repair and maintenance issues
  • Vectrex Debuzzing, recapping and Vintage Computer repair
  • Local drop off/pick up in Seattle's Ballard Neighbourhood
  • For critical repair work, we highly recommend Greg Montalbano of analogsynthservice.com in Oakland, California.

    Additional Projects

  • Custom Sequential Circuits Prophet T8
  • Custom Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak
  • The Mattson Mini Modular
  • Full Track Productions - Full Track recording and AMPEX tape machine repair
  • Groove-O-Matic - Your music cut as an authentic American 45 RPM dub record

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