Custom Sequential Circuits Pro One Analogue Synthesizer

  • Available in Pacific Northwest Walnut (shown) or Figured Maple
  • Includes assembled Dave Smith Instruments custom wheel box
  • Also includes new PRO-ONE and SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS nameplates
  • Prophet-5 style knobs upgrade available
  • User selectable RGB backlit pitch/mod wheel upgrade available
  • IEC power connector upgrade available
  • Install it yourself with our guide or have us do it for you
  • Check out more photos of the Pro-One
  • Only portions of the Pro-One kit are available at this time Contact Us for more information

    (an original SCI Pro-One)

    Pro-One Conversion Kit

    (Click on an image to get a bigger picture)

    "That looks very cool!" - Dave Smith, Dave Smith Instruments

    "I am suddenly the owner of MY FAVORITE SYNTH .. I am blown away .. THIS THING IS GORGEOUS." - JJ Abrams, Bad Robot

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